Monday, October 15, 2012


Trying to get going again on this internet thing...  life has a way of moving pretty fast around here.  But fall has arrived as it is wont to do this time of year, and while the rest of the country starts busting out the stews following a day of apple picking, the chili to prep for the big game, or some good old-fashioned cider donuts to fuel up for a crisp morning hike, we here at M&K are still mired deep in southern California summer, and aside from a spectacular tomato harvest, are complaining about each and every 80+ degree day that keeps on coming.  Watching all the beautiful images of fall foods and warming recipe suggestions (apples! quince!  and pears!!!  oh my!) on all our favorite blog and foodie websites is making us a little impatient for the winds to change and perhaps even a drizzle or two.

Anyhow, enough already!  We are hot, but still finding plenty of inspiration in the garden and markets to fill our kitchen time.  Has anyone else noticed the quality of early fall kale rolling in lately?  We're on a red kale kick currently, but the lacinto, even the traditional curly -- they all are looking spectacular.  Birthday season has certainly hit our orders and we are baking cakes with vigor.  Meringues, genoises, cupcakes, layers, and buttercreams fill the kitchen and office with a lacey patina of sweet sugar and deep warm chocolate.  Late season strawberries are going to be featured in a few custom cakes we'll post in the next few weeks.  And celebrations in our personal lives are creating fun experimentation opportunities with candied hazelnut spikes and caramel ganache crispie treats.  In spite of all our complaining that last sentence sure does read like it was written in the fall, doesn't it!?!?  What was it Kevin Costner said...  if we build it, they will come? 

Stay tuned, pictures and a new design should be coming soon.  Until then, enjoy your fabulous riding boots a little extra, just for us.
madeline & kae

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